National Research Registry

National Research Registry

Est srl has been registered in the National Research Registry since October 2022. The registration allows Est to access public funding for entities carrying out research activities.

The Est identification code is 001483_IMPR.

The National Research Registry (ANR) is a ministerial institution of the Italian State, also known by the name of Arianna. Established and governed by the President of the Republic’s decree no. 382 of 11 July 1980 (see articles 63 and 64), as well as with the decrees of the Minister of University and Research, n.ri 564/2021 and 615/2021, collects all the information relating to the research financed, in all or partially, with funds from the state budget or from the budgets of public bodies as well as that of registering and listing universities and research institutes in a single national registry.

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