Who we are

Est – Enhanced Systems & Technologies is the strategic union between the university world, the business world and the world of business services and consultancy. Est is an innovative start-up created to create new added value.

Est boasts members from the Campania academic world, highly specialized figures in research and innovation, patent holders and with previous experience in the world of business consulting.

Prof. Ing. Gaetano Lamberti, Prof. Ing. Anna Angela Barba and Dr. Ing. Diego Caccavo are the partners of Est from the university world.

The business world is represented by Farmer S.P.A, a leading company in the feed sector with a strong innovative orientation.

The presence among the shareholders of the Consulting and Legal Auditing Firm Studio Capriuolo S.P.A. and the lawyer Davide Zagni, founder of the Zagni Law Firm, provide East with the necessary skills to make innovative “dreams” come true.